John Seiffer, Business Advisor

I’ve never had a real job – which is another way of saying I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. In 1993, two years after starting my last company I did what any crazy fool smart, good looking, business owner would do. I moved 1,500 miles away and ran the company long distance. The company has thrived and in 2011 the company celebrates it’s 20th anniversary.

But this site is about helping you. I started coaching business owners in 1994 and became president of the International Coach Federation in 1998 and added consulting services in 1999.

The resources here are things I’ve learned over the years of running companies and consulting with entrepreneurs. I hope you find them useful. And I hope you’ll consider hiring me when you need a boost moving your company forward faster.

Please email me JOHN [at] BetterCEO [dot] com if you have ideas or questions.

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- John Seiffer